Who walks on the other side?

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You may wonder who or what are those people who dare to talk about pets and give advice on collars and dog leashes, and that curiosity has made you click here.

Well, behind Macurli Today there are two people (Rocio and Jose) and a puppy (Macarena). She is the main reason to start this adventure; hers, ours.

As first-time owners, we were concerned about our puppy’s health, sociability, dangers and development. We travel and move frequently, we love the outdoors and spending time in the country, the beach or the city; so for us it was very important that Macarena adapted to our rhythm of life and was an extension of us (we internalized a lot that “the dogs go out to the owners”).

But how can we get it when our puppy has been and is a real “Macaulay Culkin”? Our intense working life forces us to leave her more time than we would like “alone at home”, so we saw the need to reward that absence with walks when we came home from work and free time at the weekend.

That’s where it comes from “Macurli“(the country way of calling our little Macaulay), of the desire to spend quality time with our pet and that these outings be from the beginning an endless stream of transmissions and positive energies:

  • Funthrough electrifying colours
  • Comfortbecause of its lightness
  • Freedomby allowing them to go without a collar when we let them go and run
  • Securitythanks to its resistance and reflective effect

A dog Macurli knows that going out in the street is synonymous with enjoyment, joy, satisfaction and gratitude

Would you like to go for a walk with us?

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