what is macurli?

It is a brand of accessories for dogs and their favorite people.

This brand was born in 2020, in the middle of the pandemic. Maca, an affectionate and restless dachshund is the "guilty" of the origin of this project. When Maca arrived at Rocio and Jose's home, it became their first big commitment together. Her health, sociability, development, well-being... became the main concern of the couple.

This brand mainly sells accessories for dogs: collars, leashes, feeders, bag holders and identification tags. But it also sells accessories for people: belts, eyeglass hangers, card holders, bracelets and key rings. 

But what do all these products have in common? Well, they are handmade, one by one by hand. They are made and embroidered in workshops in Seville (70% approx.), Argentina (25%) and Guatemala (5%). They all revolve around a quality or characteristic that makes them special: design. They are attractive and attractive products, with a beautiful and eye-catching design. In general, all these products are made of leather and the designs are embroidered with colored thread. The aesthetic is geometric and with an ethnic air. In addition, the design is made in Seville, which increases the value of the piece, as well as providing the necessary flexibility for its use (necklaces, belts, etc.).

* Our Values


We are committed to animal welfare and work with organizations to protect the rights and care of animals. Ex: greyhounds, potentially dangerous dogs, holiday abandonment...

Social responsibility

great commitment and respect for people and the environment. They work with local workshops and artisans, they make limited print runs in order not to waste resources, their packaging is made with recycled materials, etc.


Both on a personal level and in their project, Rocío and Jose are lovers of enjoying the calm and tranquility of the home, of the day to day. No rush. Also of the countryside and outdoor activities, but in a respectful way, without stress, enjoying and living in the present.

Who is behind it?

Rocio; Jose & Maca 

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